Take action

I was fuming. Furious. Livid. Outraged. I received a ridiculously high bill for a 15-minute orthopedic doctor visit. I don't feel this way often, but I honestly considered punching something. I realized that wouldn't be wise (I can't afford another doctor's visit!) but I recognized I had energy to burn. I could either release the energy in a negative way, by cursing, ranting or punching, or I could use it in a positive way.

I decided the latter would make more sense. So I ran an errand, and then my daughter and I started working on cleaning out her closet. Clutter clearing is very therapeutic! Taking action made me feel so much better. I used my negative energy for something positive. I got my mind off the problem. I crossed something off my list.

Of course I'm still frustrated about the doctor's bill. I need to apply lots of other pep talk advice (for example, Reframe the experience, Let time pass, Shift to gratitude) to better cope with it, and at some point I'll need to take action on the situation, by making a phone call or making a payment.

But I recently heard Gretchen Rubin say, "The stewing is worse than the doing." In that context, she meant that rather than dreading something, it's better to just do it. But I think more generally that action - even unrelated action - feels better than getting stuck in the muck and the mire of our thoughts.

Take action.

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