Choose your thoughts

We have a lot more control than we sometimes realize or care to admit.

We can't always change our situations but we can change the way we think about just about anything. By choosing our thoughts, we can turn a problem into an opportunity. We can focus on the positive aspects. We can be our own motivational speakers.

Here are some mental switches I've been making lately.

  • From thinking "This is hard" to thinking "This is making me stronger."

  • From thinking "I'm scared" to thinking "I can do hard things."

  • From thinking "I'm overwhelmed" to thinking "I can handle it."

  • From thinking "Life is stressful" to thinking "Life is full."

  • From thinking "I'm not good at this" to "I'm getting better."

And I've found once I start deliberately choosing my thoughts, they change. And so do my actions. And so does my situation.

Choose your thoughts.

Photo by Elizaveta Korabelnikova on Unsplash

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