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What people say...

The group interaction was fun and easy because of Christin's stellar presentation skills which incorporate her balance of humor with professionalism and her approachable demeanor. Attendees are still talking about what they learned and put into action!"

Brandi Yanulavich

Timberlane, Inc.

It is evident by Christin's engaging character that she lives and breathes this. Her techniques made everyone feel at ease and able to share personal information and different perspectives. Members walked out of the room with a more positive outlook."

Tarra James


Christin was a huge hit! I can't believe the number of people who approached me after her keynote, and in post-event surveys they're asking to have her back next year - or sooner! The managers immediately began applying the enlightening strategies." 

Marianne Boyne


Christin’s engaging energy fills the room the moment she walks in. She exudes enthusiasm and passion. She first spoke years ago, and we are still making references to "What’s Your Story?"

Karen Chellew

Sisters U

I just loved the positivity of the entire talk." “The handout was great to take home." "Very organized and very respectful of our time." "Made me happier!" "Informative and empowering." "So dynamic and personable - I could listen to her on any subject!" 

Attendee Feedback

The Power of Positivity

Women's Summit

Incredibly direct, simple, and realistic discussion on how to lead a positive life." "This was great! Christin had a great energy. She has spunk! Meaningful information that was matched with the right level of personal stories." 

Attendee Feedback

Leading with Positivity


Christin's unique ability to engage helped participation come alive! Members told us how the ideas and tools she shared helped them to think of things in a new way. We walked away with the knowledge to incorporate positivity into our everyday lives."

Kimberly Rabago

Sisters U

Our new leaders thoroughly enjoyed and embraced Christin's presentation. Her style is engaging, direct and spot on. Her recommendations about connecting as a team, engagement and gaps provided attendees with tools to bring back to their teams."

Kris Kalinowski

Borden Perlman

Would you be able to get up on stage in a packed theater to host a game show after only practicing twice? Christin NAILED IT as host of The Right Price! The show was amazing, the audience was engaged, and everyone had a great time!"

Shannon Shaw,

The State Theatre 

Christin’s energy is contagious! She kept us moving, thinking and talking!  Her delivery style is highly engaging.  I would recommend without hesitation." 

Rodney Altemose


Very interactive but not uncomfortable." “Fantastic!" "The energy in the room was participative and happy." "It was such a good presentation!" "Amazing!" "It made me look at how I can help make a positive change." "Thought-provoking."

Attendee Feedback

The Power of Positivity


Awesome presentation with great information that I am eager to use and apply." "That was so fun and informative. Christin broke the ice and made me feel significant." "This is a great program! Very relevant and helpful."

Attendee Feedback

First Impressions


Christin's presentation on The Power of Positivity was fabulous! She hit all of the right points to remind everyone in attendance how to live happier! Our members enjoyed the time with Christin and hope to have her back another time."

Alice Hager

Upper Perkiomen BPW

Christin’s program on the Power of Positivity was fantastic!  Her dynamic personality, humor and professionalism truly engaged our entire staff.  I would recommend this program to anyone.  We definitely will bring Christin back for other programs!"

Michelle Bock


We have had Christin speak to our staff multiple times and she never disappoints.  Her energy and positivity are contagious.  She has the ability to touch individuals both personally and professionally… I would highly recommend her."

Roey Kilpatrick


I loved the small group interaction. Christin's wonderful knowledge and expertise proves she is living these concepts! I would highly recommend."

Trina Stutzman

Freedom Coaching

I was amazed to find my skepticism slowly dissolving." "It was a nice reminder from Mrs. Myers that one can find happiness in the simplest of things." "The speech was very influential." "I am going to change my mindset for the better."

Attendee Feedback 

The Power of Positivity

Boyertown Area SH

Excellent presentation! I am re-energized to build my profile and will share this info with others!" "Christin was very thorough and explained everything well. She went step by step and was easy to follow." "This was a big help!" 

Attendee Feedback



In this era of budget cutbacks and ever increasing workloads, time management is of the utmost importance. Christin's time management techniques are helping our members to accomplish more, in less time, to better serve the public."

Chris Wood


Christin was inspiring, engaging, energetic and phenomenal during her presentation of The Power of Positivity. She provided us with great, simple tools on how a positive attitude can help us meet the daily challenges in our personal and professional lives."

Yvonne Butta

PA Council

Christin made individual contact with every member of her audience. Her presentation was well planned and her personality allowed spontaneity and fun to happen during the session without losing focus." 

Sandi Graham


Christin’s content was excellent, her engaging personality and communication strengths easily connected with participants and the survey results were very positive."

Scott Walker


The time was well-spent. Engaging, insightful and useful." "Christin radiates positivity. I feel I have learned how to smile through the ups and downs in life." "Upbeat and energetic!" "I enjoy all the tips and strategies, and the relaxed atmosphere."

Attendee Feedback

Happiness Hour

The Book Nook

Thank you for having Christin Smith Myers return! I could hear her speak over and over – she brings such energy to the room." 

Attendee Feedback

Follow-Through Strategies


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