Immerse yourself

I was absorbed, mesmerized, transfixed. By the time the singer, the incomparable Liz Longley, came out for her encore, I felt renewed and alive.

A concert? On a Thursday night? There are lots of reasons we shouldn't have gone. Busy season of life. Too much to do. School night. Work tomorrow.

We went anyway. In fact, we went because of all the busy-ness, because of everything that had been going on. It was the best gift we could have given to ourselves. When I'm watching a movie or attending a concert or show (or building complicated formulas in Excel), it's all but impossible to think about my worries, my to-do list, my plans. For others, it's creating art or taking photographs or sewing or gardening or playing video games that puts them into a state of flow.

Feeling as if all you've been doing is jumping from one task to another?

Immerse yourself.

Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

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