Fill your cup first

I was privileged to be featured as a guest on the Fill Your Cup First podcast, which "puts self-care where it belongs, at the top of your priority list." Since the interview was recorded a few months ago, I've been paying attention to the fullness of my own cup.

I've noticed when I feel depleted, my patience is much thinner. I feel more put-upon. I'm not very kind.

When my cup is fuller, so is my heart. I'm kinder, gentler. I can give more. I can expect more from myself too.

So I do what I can to make sure I have what I need. What does that look like? A full stomach, a good night's sleep, painted toenails, a little treat every now and again, putting fun first more often. It's made a big difference.

It's a well-worn metaphor, but a good one, that reminds us to put our own life vest or oxygen mask before we try to help others with theirs. And I've learned from Gretchen Rubin, "When we give more to ourselves, we can ask more from ourselves." It's how I've been able to challenge myself more this summer than before, because I've been giving more to myself as well.

Are you running on empty?

Fill your cup first.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

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