Get rid of it

As I was getting ready to work out at the fitness center, I put on a flowered top I love. Well, I used to love it. It's gotten tight over the past few years. But I convinced myself it still fit. And then I spent my entire workout feeling self-conscious and sausage-like. Yuck. It's still in great shape so I put it in our donation bag. It felt good to get rid of it.

What is true for a t-shirt is also true for some more complicated stuff too. That picture that brings back bad memories? Get rid of it. That assumption that everyone is talking about you? Get rid of it. That thought that's not serving you? Get rid of it. That belief that's dragging you down? Get rid of it. That long-held prejudice against a certain population? Get rid of it.

Just like clearing physical clutter gets easier once you get started, so does clearing mental clutter. And just like seeing a cleaned-out closet feels freeing, so does realizing you don't have to hold onto mental junk you've been keeping too long.

Get rid of it.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

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