Find the upside

Last week on a Facebook Live video I asked if anyone had a theme for their week, their year, or their life. The first comment really resonated with me: "There's an upside to everything. Even the 'bad' stuff."

I love that. When you walk around believing there's an upside, you find it. This doesn't mean you aren't disappointed when something that seems bad happens, but you're better able to handle when it does.

A friend cancelled our scheduled breakfast. I was really looking forward to seeing her and I was hurt when she cancelled without explanation. I'll admit, I pouted for a few minutes. But then I worked to find the upside. At least I was now up and dressed, ready to start the day, even if I didn't have anywhere to be right away. Another upside? I now had a little more time to work on planning the next day's event. A third upside? I saved the money I would have spent. After finding a few upsides, I felt a little better.

A few days later, I called to schedule my annual exam, only to learn they no longer take my insurance (even though I had confirmed on the insurance plan's website they were in-network before choosing the plan). They also won't allow me to come in paying cash, because of the potential implications if I have a problem and need more tests. So after going to the same OB/GYN for 20+ years, just like that, I'm without one. Boo. The upside? I'm grateful I am not having any specific problems so this doesn't leave me in the lurch too much. I'm also grateful I was calling two months in advance of when I should have an appointment, instead of past the anniversary date, as I have in years past. And I haven't really felt "heard" the last few times I saw that nurse practitioner either, so maybe it's good that I'll find someone new. And two years ago when I was scared they may not accept my insurance, I had requested my records, so I have those now. I'm still bummed by the news, but not overwhelmed by it.

Depending on the gravity of the situation, it may take quite a bit longer to identify the upside. But it's there if you look for it, just as if you walked around looking for the downside to everything (as some people seem passionate about doing!), you'd find it.

Find the upside.

Photo by Donald Tong from Pexels

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