Find a buddy

Two weeks ago I posted on my personal Facebook page: Anyone looking for “getting up early” mutual accountability? I’m trying to fight my lifelong battle with the snooze alarm so I’m looking for someone I can text at 5:45 AM to say, “I did it! How about you?”

I received a much bigger response than I expected, with a whole bunch of people immediately raising their hands while others mentioned they could help in certain circumstances. Before I could even reply, at 5:44 AM the next morning, I got a text from a friend saying, "Good morning friend. Make it a positive and productive day!" It made my day. And knowing she was there looking for a text from me got me out of bed the next four days. And then the next week. We've texted every weekday morning since then, just a quick "good morning" message to start our days. (It's important to note that she'd be up regardless of whether she's texting me. She doesn't seem to fight the battle of the snooze, yet she's willing to help me!)

Last week I added weekday messaging with two other friends. We created a little morning accountability group as the three of us know our lives will be better if we are up and at 'em in the morning, making time for ourselves. All that's required is to say good morning. And now thanks to that post I have additional friends I can touch base with if I need extra accountability.

I've been battling with that snooze for so long. (I've written about it before.) But I've been doing it alone. It felt like this big struggle I had to handle myself until the moment when I realized this is probably a struggle some others have too and maybe we could help each other.

It's good to ask for help. It also makes it so much more fun to know other people are fighting the same battle, and to know others are accomplishing their goals in part because of your help. I'm finding it helpful to just know others are up at the same time.

Got goals? Moving past bad habits? Chances are there's someone else who has the same goals or struggles. And someone else who can help. Life is more fun when we go through it together.

Find a buddy.

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