Be entertained

"There's no one at the playground. Can we go?"

"Okay," I said and then immediately regretted it as a minivan and SUV pulled up. Two moms emerged with their combined six little ones. Six!

So much for our peaceful visit to the park.

Most people might naturally enjoy seeing kids at a playground, but I am not most people.

They started running and screaming. I could feel myself start to get annoyed. And then I decided to change my perspective. Instead of being annoyed, I'd be entertained. And entertained I was. My daughter and I laughed almost the whole time.

You may find yourself in some other situations in which you would benefit from changing the way you look at things.

Frustrated at the long line? Be entertained by watching others in the crowd.

Irritated by a client that keeps missing calls? Be entertained by the inanity of it (and then increase his rates).

Angry about the delay slowing down your commute? Be entertained by a podcast or audiobook or what's on the radio instead.

In almost every situation, we have a choice abut how we react to the circumstances.

Free yourself from negative emotions about life's little nuisances.

Choose to be entertained.

Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash

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