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For the last several months, I've had to press the unlock button on my key fob several times before my car actually unlocks. And then press the lock button several times before my car locks. Many times I've gotten back to my car only to realize I didn't actually lock it because I didn't listen to make sure it was locked. After 10 years of use, both of my car remotes are toast.

But getting those things fixed is super expensive, right? At least $100? And a big pain? I've been operating under that assumption for about 10 years. But you know what they say about assumptions...

I decided no matter how much it costs I'd have to bite the bullet to get it fixed, so last week I finally called the dealership to ask what I needed to do and how much it would cost. When the service manager told me it's just a matter of replacing a small battery for a few dollars, I almost fell on the floor. When was the last time anything was just a few dollars, particularly something related to your car? 

The crazy thing is, I still didn't fully believe him. So then I Googled it, and sure enough, there at the top of the screen are the inexpensive batteries that look like watch batteries. And videos for how to replace the battery in your car's keyless remote. It's easy. 

At this point I should tell you at one point I daydreamed with two friends about starting a business called "Ask" when we would literally be paid to Google things for people because we were so fed up with people asking us questions they could have answered themselves. Yet I forgot and labored under this incorrect assumption about changing car remote batteries for years

I've shared this story with two others in the last week and both were skeptical that it would be such an inexpensive fix. So this is a public service announcement to let you know it only cost $13.96 to get batteries replaced in both of my key fobs. 

And Googling is free.

Just ask.

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

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