Tell them

I got the text and accompanying picture while on my morning trek around the park. "My pocketbook for today. I think of you so often when I’m changing out my bags!" It put an instant smile on my face.

Joanne and I met a few years ago when I was walking out of a church event behind her. “You have a Miche bag!” I exclaimed. “A what?” she asked. She had purchased the cute bag at a consignment store and wasn’t familiar with the brand of interchangeable handbags. I was a Miche rep at the time and eventually sold her some more outer shells for her base bag. When the company went out of business, I started to whittle down my collection, and have done a few more purges since then. A few times I have given some of the shells that no longer suit me to other friends. Joanne has been so grateful to receive several of them and periodically sends me a picture of the unique handbag combination she has created. Her gratitude and creativity always make me smile.

I think of a previous boss every time I iron, because 16 years ago, she gave me the iron from our wedding registry as a shower gift. Even though that iron has been replaced, I still think of her and smile when I iron. This happens all the time with objects I use or clothes I wear, gifts that were purchased for me or handed down to me. My best friend recently sent me a necklace; she bought the same one for herself. When I need to feel close to her, I wear it. And then I reach out.

Of course it may not just be gifts that make you think of someone. Maybe you drove past a car that looks just like theirs. Maybe you went to lunch at the same place the two of you used to eat all the time. Maybe their post on social media inspired you to reach out. Maybe you're just thinking of someone without any external prompt at all. If you haven't connected in a little bit, reach out to that person and say hello. Tell them you're thinking of them and maybe even how much they mean to you, if you haven't told them before or in a while. I've written letters to favorite high school teachers and received notes I'll save forever. And even a "thinking of you" text message can make someone's day.

Tell them.

Photo by KAOTARU on Unsplash

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