Solve the problem

It bothered me for a long time. My old calendar events just disappeared on my iPhone! I'd want to see when we held our last Happiness Hour or the last time I went to the dentist, and it would look as if I didn't do a darn thing in July 2018. Or August. Or September. So annoying!

It finally occurred to me that it was probably something I could fix. A quick Google search one day last week provided the answer; I just had to change the setting to "Sync all events" and voila! All the events are back.

No need to grumble. Just solve the problem.

Routinely miss the payment even though you have enough in your account? Consider auto-pay. Feeling as if you're in the dark because one of the light bulbs has been burned out for weeks? Change the bulb. Often find yourself buying belated birthday cards or skipping the card altogether even though you'd like to send one? Buy cards in advance and create calendar reminders for when to send them. Irritated when you forget your reusable grocery bags in the car? Get them out of the trunk when you leave the house or put your wallet in one so you can't forget them. Get angry every time you get hungry? Keep a snack in your bag or car. Hate paying for bottled water? Develop a habit of taking a water bottle with you. Forget essential items on vacations? Create a packing list you can print each time.

Next time you're feeling frustrated, ask yourself, "What is the problem?" Then solve it.

Photo by Bagus Hernawan on Unsplash

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