Schedule time to connect

For more years than I can remember I have had a standing lunchtime appointment on the second Friday of odd-numbered months. I call a dear friend and we share joys and sorrows, news and goals. We've helped each other navigate job transitions, relationship challenges, parenting struggles, health concerns. Outside of those calls, we hardly correspond at all. We live several states away, so years can go by without us seeing each other. Our entire friendship has been long distance. But knowing we have those calls scheduled is a great source of comfort and joy to both of us.

Building strong social connections is a key to happiness. That doesn't mean adding more Facebook friends or Instagram followers. It means deepening existing relationships, and that takes time. It takes effort. That's where scheduling helps. Sure, Lisa and I have had to reschedule some of our calls or cut others short. But we don't miss them and we make them a priority.

Think of a friend or acquaintance with whom you want to strengthen your relationship. Now schedule time to connect.

Photo by James Sutton on Unsplash

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