Prioritize the people

It's a bit intense in our house these days. I am juggling lots of deadlines and drama at work and preparing for my biggest speech to date. My husband is building an amazing custom display for a big arts and crafts show this weekend (he's a fine art photographer). My son's concert is this week. My daughter's play is in two weeks. Several rooms in the house are in disarray. We're measuring and re-measuring, finding costumes, practicing lines, scheduling conversations, building slide decks, spending money left and right. There's a lot on the line.

But none of it matters if we hurt each other in the process. To make sure we get through it together, we are keeping the lines of communication open. When mistakes and slights happen (inevitably) we are trying to be forgiving and supportive. We are prioritizing family meals as that may be the only time each day all four of us are in the same room. We are maximizing the quality rather than the quantity of time together, in one-on-one moments, whether by making a quick shopping trip into a fun one or watching part of a movie together as we fold the mountains of laundry that have accumulated.

I'm excited for the kids in their creative endeavors. I'm praying Mike sells a lot of prints. I'm hoping my speech comes together. But regardless of what happens, we'll be okay because we're putting our focus where it matters most. And even with my client challenges and employee drama, just a few minutes of connection can make a big difference. We're better off on the same team.

Got a lot going on? Prioritize the people.

Photo by Mike Scheid on Unsplash

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