​From Buckets to Bank Accounts

Are you aware of the impact you have on those around you? Christin incorporates insights from How Full Is Your Bucket? and a discussion of emotional bank accounts and financial bank accounts to help you understand the powerful impact of positive reinforcement. Learn from personal anecdotes and surprising statistics, and internalize realistic strategies that will inspire you to be more conscious of whether you're filling or draining buckets at home and at work.


"Christin's presentation was very insightful and powerful, providing the attendees with great tools. It was so well received that we invited Christin back to speak again." Yvonne Butta, Insurance Professionals of the Main Line


"Christin was a huge hit! I can't believe the number of people who approached me after her keynote, and in post-event surveys they're asking to have her back next year - or sooner! The managers immediately began applying the enlightening strategies." Marianne Boyd, Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin


What's Your Story?

Are the stories you're telling yourself propelling you forward or holding you back? In this program, Christin shares her own stories and how she's worked to change the way she tells them, and challenges participants to consider the stories they tell. A terrific program for women's groups, job seekers, sales professionals and those in transition, it nudges participants to change the way they tell their stories - to themselves and to others. When you change your story, you change your life. 


"Christin’s engaging energy fills the room the moment she walks in. She exudes enthusiasm and passion. She spoke to our group two years ago, and we are still making references to What’s Your Story? " Karen Chellew, Sisters U


Leading with Positivity 

Are you tapping into the positivity advantage? In this interactive workshop, explore the undeniable connection between organizational positivity, productivity, and profitability. Assess your own positivity levels, understand the research, learn six key positivity-building strategies, and develop a positivity-based leadership action plan.


"I was thrilled when Christin accepted my invitation. Fifty individuals attended her session and she did not disappoint. The content was excellent, her engaging personality and communication strengths easily connected with participants and the survey results were very positive.Scott Walker, myLEADERSHIPu


Stepping Into Your Dreams

Are you living the life of your dreams or just trying to get through each day? Sharing lessons from her own journey, Christin will teach you how to step up, step in, step down, and step out to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams. You will be inspired to learn from your missteps and sidestep when necessary, and you'll have a renewed sense of direction and a plan to get there.


"I have had the wonderful opportunity to hear Christin speak several times. Her words stick in your mind for months after one of her programs, and some of my absolute favorite quotes come from Christin. Visualize yourself there is one of my favorites from this talk." Shawna Boell, Get It Together Mom


An award winner at various Toastmasters competitions and a return speaker at multiple organizations, Christin has inspired audiences of all types with her engaging and humorous speaking style and her practical approach to making small and sustainable changes that have a big impact. 


Programs are tailored to your audience, time frame, and budget. Keynote programs include: