An award winner at various Toastmasters competitions and a return speaker at multiple organizations, Christin has inspired audiences of all types with her engaging and humorous speaking style and her practical approach to making small and sustainable changes that have a big impact. 


Programs are tailored to your audience, time frame, and budget. Current keynote speeches include:

The Power of Positivity

Are you benefiting from positivity or mired in negativity? In this energizing program you will learn the case for positivity at home and work, address real-world obstacles to positivity, and practice positivity-building strategies. Full of laughter and learning, this program provides participants with a clear understanding of the power of positivity and practical next steps to reap its benefits.

Manage Yourself, Not Your Time

There are only 24 hours in a day. How can you make the most of those hours, both at work and at home? In this practical, energizing, customized program you will learn immediately applicable strategies to help you increase your productivity and accomplish more while working smarter, not harder.  

Easing the Pain of Change

Are you or your team responsible for helping others navigate significant change within your organization? This dynamic program includes a discussion of the challenges and opportunities associated with change and provides concrete strategies that can be implemented immediately to minimize stress and increase productivity. 

First Impressions: Making a Dent or Leaving Your Mark?

What type of first impression do you make? Differentiate between positive and negative first impressions - considering appearance, body language, vocal variety, and word choice - and create your own first impression strategy, leaving with next steps to ensure the first impressions you make are purposeful and genuine.

Choosing Happiness

Why do some people seem naturally happier than others? Are they born that way, or do they make choices that increase their own happiness? And which comes first - success or happiness? In this uplifting interactive program, explore the science and art of happiness and identify proven strategies to increase your own happiness.

Leading with Positivity

Are you tapping into the positivity advantage? In this interactive workshop, explore the undeniable connection between organizational positivity, productivity, and profitability. Assess your own positivity levels, understand the research, learn six key positivity-building strategies, and develop a positivity-based leadership action plan.

Follow-Through Strategies: Turning To-Dos into Ta-Das!

Are you following through on your goals? This interactive and entertaining program starts with a goal-setting exercise and background on the science of following through. Then, using personal examples and anecdotes, Christin provides practical strategies for accomplishing the goals you've identified.

So You're on LinkedIn...Now What?

Are you leveraging LinkedIn to make the most of your career?  In this hands-on workshop, participate in a real-time demonstration of how to create a powerful profile, identify possible contacts, make meaningful connections, share relevant content, and position yourself for professional advancement. 

From Buckets to Bank Accounts

Are you aware of the impact you have on those around you? This program explores the powerful impact of positive reinforcement. Learn from personal anecdotes and surprising statistics, and internalize realistic strategies that will inspire you to be more conscious of whether you're filling or draining buckets at home and at work.

What's Your Story?

Are the stories you're telling yourself propelling you forward or holding you back? In this program, Christin shares her own stories and how she's worked to change the way she tells them, and challenges participants to consider the stories they tell. When you change your story, you change your life. 

Stepping Into Your Dreams

Are you living the life of your dreams or just trying to get through each day? Christin will teach you how to step up, step in, step down, and step out to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams. You will be inspired to learn from your missteps and sidestep when necessary, and you'll have a renewed sense of direction and a plan to get there.

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