Use the good stuff

Life is too short to use crappy pens.

Yet there was a time I would save the best pens for only certain occasions or a certain type of writing. It was almost as if I wasn't worthy of using something special on an ordinary day.

For years I've had a habit of holding onto nice things to use later... pens, candles, lotion, underwear, stationery, food, dishes. I've learned other people do this too, waiting for a special occasion or a special person that somehow never arrives.

I think my mindset started to change when I got better jewelry. I used to be a "small silver hoop earring" kind of girl. Then several years ago, my mom and my sisters and I were introduced to Sabika handcrafted Swarovski crystal jewelry. It started with one pair of rather simple earrings which my mom gave me as a gift. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have ever bought anything so "fancy" for myself. I felt good when I wore them; I smiled when I looked into the mirror. So then I started wearing them every day. And then I bought more. In brighter colors. With even more sparkle. Soon I was sparkling on a daily basis and I continue to wear this jewelry almost every day.

Once I started to sparkle more, I realized I didn't have to wait for a special occasion to use things. So I use pens I love for everything I write. I write on the fancy sticky notes or on the special stationery I receive as gifts. I use the lotion even though I'm afraid I might run out and not be able to replace it. Because I've also held onto special sticky notes that have lost their stick. I've saved stationery only to have it discolor from sunlight. I've had to throw away lotion that lost its pleasant smell after several years of sitting in a drawer. I've waited to eat something only to have it go sour.

I bet you have too.

Sometimes we act as if we don't deserve to use something until there's a special occasion. But what if you decided to make today a special occasion?

Life is short. Use the good stuff.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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