Try again

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!"

How many times have you heard that? How many times have you said it?

Do you follow your own advice?

I didn't.

At two speaking engagements this fall, several participants indicated on their event surveys they would like me to contact them about potential speaking opportunities or referrals. I was so excited! I wrote follow-up emails to all of them. I think subconsciously I expected the referrals to just roll in.


I haven't booked any new speeches as a result of my messages. Most people didn't respond at all. I've been feeling discouraged about that. But then I reminded myself I have sent them each ONE email. That's it! Do I really want to admit defeat already? It's up to me to follow up. I can send another email. I can call those who provided their phone numbers. I can send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn.

And more importantly, I can learn lessons for future speaking events, which will provide another opportunity to try again. I can reword the question on the survey to be more clear about what I'm asking. I can ask how they prefer to be contacted. I can ask them for a specific time they want me to reach out. I can set a plan in advance of exactly how I will reach out to them and when. And I can set goals about how many of those people will respond, acknowledging up front that I won't hear from everyone.

What hasn't gone the way you hoped or expected?

Life is better when you recognize that you almost always have the opportunity to try again.

Photo by Leanna Cox on Unsplash

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