Many people choose a word for each year. The word helps bring clarity about who you want to be, where you want to focus your attention and how you want to live your life. My last three words have been Elevate, Embrace, and Delight. This year my word is Synthesize.

The definition of synthesize is "to combine into a coherent whole." It's the perfect word for me this year as I strive to take everything I've been working on and learning and bring it together to achieve the priorities I established for 2019. Rather than buying book after book after book, I need to pull together my notes and put what I've read into practice. It's time to take all the results from various personality and strengths assessments and learn about what parts of me I want to develop further, and which ones I want to change. This is my 188th blog post; it's time for me to pull everything together into some major themes. Time for me to synthesize everything I've studied about positivity and productivity into a few programs instead of so many, take what I know about having a happier marriage and do those things, and in my day job synthesize what I've learned about surveys and what our clients need to devise creative solutions and profitable projects.

This may not be the right word for your whole year, but I'll bet there's a topic about which you have a lot of information or a lot of thoughts to process.


Photo by RU Recovery Ministries on Unsplash

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