I came across a post from Coaches Collective last week that reminded me that "Research has shown that reflection boosts productivity." In fact, I think much of my productivity over the last several years has resulted from reflection, yet I've never really given it much credit.

A definition of reflect is to think, ponder or meditate. Reflection has taken many forms for me. There are times I've written in a journal daily, recording and processing events. This year I've used a Dailygreatness journal that in a few short questions each day has helped me prepare for what's ahead and reflect on what has happened. My days go better when I've spent time thinking about where my biggest priorities are, and even the bad stuff that happens feels valuable if I learn something from it. And writing this blog for the last 9 months has helped me process my experiences and clarify my priorities. 

Need some help reflecting? Here are some questions for you to ponder. The first three are from the coaches at Coaches Collective. 

  • What’s the biggest time waster in my life right now?

  • What am I avoiding?

  • If I could only accomplish one thing today, what should it be? And why?

  • How is my mindset? 

  • What are my biggest areas of concern right now?

  • Who do I need to reach out to?

  • What am I grateful for? 

We all have too much to do in too little time. Taking a few moments to reflect helps ensure the rest of your moments are used wisely.

Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash

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