Practice what you preach

I started this blog in February and since then have posted over 90 pep talks. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read, like, or share my posts, and have special appreciation for those who take the extra time to tell me why or how the posts are meaningful to them. Thank you for your support! 

I've referenced in a few blogs lately how much I've learned about myself and how beneficial these posts are to me, even though I started out writing them for you. All year long I found myself thinking, "What would I suggest to others in this situation?" And that question leads me to practice what I preach. 

So as the year draws to a close, I wanted to take some time to identify the pep talks I've been practicing living the most. And those I need to practice more.

Ever since our summer vacation, I've used the phrase "Pack your patience" which has helped me through one difficult situation after another. I'm consistently trying to reframe the experience, which was particularly helpful recently when I learned my credit card was hacked; I'm using it as motivation to finally get my login and password life in order. Identifying a positive counterfact was also useful in that situation; at least our Christmas shopping was done when we learned of the breach and cancelled our credit card.

In trying to be a better wife and mother, I've been focusing on my word of the year: Embrace. But other pep talks have come into play as well. These pep talks are most meaningful in my marriage: Align your expectations, Ask for a do-over, Look in the mirror, and Say thanks. Almost every day for the last month or so, I've left my husband a little sticky note with a specific statement of gratitude about something small he's done that I appreciate and don't want to go unnoticed.

Writing pep talks has helped me improve my relationship with my kids as well. These have come particularly in handy: Enjoy the process, Give them grace (really, this helps every relationship!), Have fun firstJoin in, Predict the predictable, and Say yes. I need to keep working on celebrating what's working because I too often am pointing out the things that aren't working. 

I've posted 39 pep talks related to productivity. Those that have helped me the most this year? Begin, Break it down, Create a checklist, Create accountability, Decide when, Delegate, Do one thing at a time, Release your brain, Set yourself up for success, Time yourself, and Unsubscribe. Implementing these strategies has helped me start a blog, finish my taxes early, exercise regularly, plan three trips, help my husband start his business, be more focused at work, keep my house cleaner, have a better holiday season, enjoy daily life more, and maintain my sanity.

As we head into 2018, I've also identified some pep talks I want to make sure I focus on a bit more: Address your stress, Be the light, Cherish the ordinary, Get over yourself, Lean into discomfort, and Schedule time to worry

As I look over all the pep talks, I'm so grateful for the opportunities this blog provides for me to consider what I really believe and how I want to live, and then provide me with external accountability to motivate me to practice what I preach. 

What are you preaching? And are you practicing it? If not, how can you make sure you do in the new year? 

Photo by Stephen Radford on Unsplash

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