Plan ahead

For many families I know, particularly those with school-age children, May is a pretty intense month. Proms, concerts, games, field trips, banquets, other end-of-school-year activities, Mother's Day, Memorial Day... a whole lot of stuff at once. Plus the weather is (hopefully) nice enough consistently that many of us want to be outside, soaking up some sun, getting exercise, preparing our yards or gardens for summer. Most of the activities are actually pretty fun on their own, but the whole month can pass in a blur if we find ourselves racing from one event to another. And that doesn't feel fun at all.

If you find yourself nodding in agreement, do yourself a favor and set aside some time to look at the May calendar and ask yourself some important questions about each event:

  • What will I wear?

  • What will I eat?

  • What do I need to bring?

  • What do I need to buy?

  • What other tasks or events do I have to plan around?

  • How can I make this easier?

  • How will I feel afterward?

  • How can I make sure I enjoy this?

  • If I won't enjoy this, do I really have to do it?

If you can plan ahead on some logistics, you won't just survive an intense month. You might even enjoy it!

Of course, this is not just a May survival strategy for families. Whatever your situation, you likely have some intense periods, whether they are filled with work commitments, family obligations, fun activities, or necessary appointments. You can be a victim, consistently surprised and caught unprepared, or you can predict the predictable and plan ahead.

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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