Look back

We are quickly coming toward the end of 2018, and talk of resolutions for the new year has begun. By the time we reach December, I usually can't wait for the current year to be done. I'm ready to move onward and upward, full of hope that next year I'll finally accomplish those goals I set months, or more often years, ago.

There's only one catch. Without really reflecting on the year that's just passed, how do I know I'm setting the right goals or headed in the right direction?

This year, I'm looking back before I look ahead. Here are the questions I'm pondering:

  • What went well?

  • What didn't go well?

  • What projects moved forward?

  • Which projects stalled or moved backward?

  • Who did I spend too much time with?

  • Who didn't I spend enough time with?

  • What didn't I do enough of?

  • What did I do too much of?

  • What changed this year?

  • What stayed the same?

  • What am I proud of?

  • What do I regret?

Look back. It will help you decide where you want to go.

Photo by Kalle Kortelainen on Unsplash

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