Lean into discomfort

Finish this sentence: I could never ______________________.

It has been my experience that any time you hear yourself saying "I could never" it's probably a sign you should be doing that thing.

You've probably been to, or at least heard about, those places where you drink wine and learn to paint a specific image. Four years ago, Sisters U, an organization to which I'm very proud to belong, announced an evening at Painting with a Twist. I was still relatively new to the group, so I didn't know anyone all that well. I am a friendly person but I'm not always great with those situations where other women come with friends and I come by myself. Far more importantly, I am a terrible artist. Or have been telling myself that since elementary school. (Spoiler alert: This is not one of those "I walked into a painting class as a terrible artist and walked-out with a newfound passion and now make my living as a painter" stories.)

But as they announced the event, I heard that small voice that said, "You can do this. You need to do this, just to prove to yourself you can. Step out of your comfort zone. It's okay to be uncomfortable." And listening to that small voice, I signed up. And I went. And I was nervous, uncomfortable, and hard on myself. I felt inferior, even though no one said anything the least bit disparaging and most of the other women were probably feeling the same way. It was hard but I stuck with it. And for this typical over-achiever, it was actually pretty refreshing to not be very good at something and be okay with that. I walked out with a painting which reminds me that, "I can do this, even if it's not easy and even if the outcome isn't the best." Here's my painting:

A quote that motivates me is "Feel the fear and do it anyway." Each time I've done that, I've felt stronger as a result. That's why "Lean into discomfort" is one of my personal commandments.

What makes you uncomfortable?

Lean into your discomfort and go do it.

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