Fix it

A while back I posted one of my favorite quotes: "If you can't face it, you can't fix it."

This quote resonates for both the big stuff and the little stuff. We all have big challenges to face, perhaps relating to our relationships, our finances, our health, our hangups, our fears. But there are also lots of small nuisances and issues that need to be addressed, and those may be the perfect place to start. Sometimes when we take control over the little stuff, we are further empowered to take on the big stuff.

Identify a nuisance or toleration in your life that's been on your mind or causes delay or frustration (the light bulb that needs to be replaced, the tear in your favorite shirt, the weird noise your car is making, that error message that pops up on your computer periodically).

Ask if it really needs to be fixed or could be let go. (If you're listing it, it should probably be fixed. But maybe that shirt isn't really your favorite anymore and it's time to say goodbye.)

Determine the first step that needs to be taken. (Add light bulb to the shopping list, take the shirt to a tailor or get out your sewing box, schedule an appointment for your car, check out the error on Google.)

Take that first step.

Take the second step.

Take the third step. (You may not even need three steps for some of these tasks.)

Celebrate your victory.

Repeat with another toleration.

I have found that once you begin, you build momentum. Once you've successfully fixed small issues, you can more easily move onto bigger issues.

Face it. Then don't stew about it, complain about it, or fret about it. Use that energy to fix it instead.

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