Figure it out

I have a friend who changed her iPad password months ago to keep someone out, and immediately forgot that new password. She's been locked out ever since.

Someone else I know really wanted a label maker. She got one, but it was more complicated than she anticipated. She never used it.

Another friend went for years without a will because he figured it would just be too difficult, too expensive and too time-consuming.

There are often good reasons we don't prioritizing figure something out: "I'm too busy." "I'll do it later." "It's going to take a long time." "I don't want to spend the money."

But it may turn out that it doesn't take as much time or money as you think, and figuring it out now means you won't have to think about it anymore.

What if you took a few minutes - or hours, if necessary - over the next few days or at the start of the new year to figure something out? Go to the store. Ask a friend. Read the manual. Ask Google. (Or Siri. Or Alexa.)

On my list are figuring out about getting a new phone for my husband, figuring out how to add my blog to my homepage, and figuring out how to effectively use video in growing my reach.

Figure it out.

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash

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