Face your fear

I shudder at the memory. Uncles walking around with those ginormous video cameras on their shoulders at family reunions, asking me to say hi to the camera or inevitably catching me as I awkwardly struggled with a drippy cheeseburger. When the video camera came out, I would do anything I could to avoid being in the frame.

Fast-forward 30 years, and I still feel exactly the same way.

In 2015, I was videotaped for a talk I gave. The talk was very well-received, but it took me almost a year to watch it and even longer to work with the videographer to get a few clips for my website. (I'm not sure I've even posted all four of them!)

Last January a full presentation I gave to a group of high school students was recorded. I can't bring myself to watch.

A few weeks ago some co-workers recorded a short video to send to my boss's friend. I conveniently made sure I was the person behind the iPhone pushing "record."

I am increasingly comfortable in front of a live audience (it's my happiest place!) where I can make just as much of a fool of myself, yet I'm still petrified in front of a camera.

But video is how speakers connect with a larger audience. People scrolling through Facebook or Instagram are incrementally more likely to click on a video than they are on a blog post link. Video is becoming a business imperative. So I have to find a way to get past this fear.

Plus I pride myself on practicing what I preach. I consistently encourage people to face their fears, to step outside of their comfort zones, to just go for it. So on Friday morning, I tentatively recorded a Facebook Live post. On Saturday I did another. Yesterday, one more. And hopefully in a few minutes I'll have the gumption to post another one. If all goes according to plan, I'll post most days in February. And chances are, by the end of February I will feel more comfortable and get better at it. And if I don't, I will at least know I gave it a shot.

What fear do you need to face?

What are you waiting for?

Consider this your personal invitation.

Go for it. Face your fear.

Photo by ShareGrid on Unsplash

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