Do what you can

We had a large tree taken down in front of our house. So did one of our neighbors, who didn't want all the logs that were left behind. This meant two things for us: (1) Lots of free firewood! (We have a wood stove.) (2) Lots and lots and lots and lots of wood splitting.

We've had remnants of two huge trees sitting in our front yard for most of the winter. My husband's been making his way through them as time and weather permit. He's good with an ax, he's strong, he knows what he's doing. This is clearly his project.

Yet it's a huge project, and while I can't (or won't!) swing an ax, I can certainly move split wood from the front yard to the firewood rack on the side of the house. So on the last two Saturdays I've done just that. Last weekend, my daughter and I did it to surprise Mike, and this weekend, he and I worked on it together. Of course, he pushed a wheelbarrow full of 25-30 pieces for every one of my handcarts of ten. He stacked faster. And better. But you know what? He appreciated my help, all the same.

It strikes me that so often in our lives, we think if we can't solve the whole problem or do the whole project, we shouldn't even try. But if we do what we can, we can still have an impact.

You can't stop global warming. You can reduce your own carbon footprint.

You can't end homelessness. You can be kind to a homeless person.

You can't fix the government. You can run for office. You can vote.

And maybe you can't get your friend a new job. But you can proofread his resume.

Or you can't remodel your entire kitchen. But you can reorganize your cabinets.

Action feels good.

Do what you can.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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