"Nothing is so exhausting as indecision, and nothing is so futile." - Bertrand Russell 

I agree, Bertrand.

I see it in others all the time. They hem and they haw, they spend hours researching or debating or pondering. The lack of deciding drains their energy and takes their focus off of other more important things. Sometimes the deciding takes longer than it would take to do the actual thing they're deciding to do... or not do.

I see it in myself too. In everything from the mundane to the significant.

Where to watch the Super Bowl - and with whom - is the perfect example. Four years ago we hosted our first Super Bowl party for our neighbors and the next year we did it again. We took a break last year and intended to host again this year. But then our hometown Eagles were doing great, and I started thinking that if they got into the big game, there would be too much on the line for us to host and people might not come because they'd be getting other invites. Sure enough, the Eagles clinched the NFC championship, so we decided not to host. And then I felt bad about it. And then I thought maybe we shouldn't go anywhere to watch and just stay home. But then that sounded boring. And then we got invited to my in-laws' and I spent time debating whether that was a good choice. And then on Thursday morning I woke up and decided we should go to their house for the first half, drive home during halftime, and watch the rest of the game at home. And I immediately felt better. Because I had decided. And of course any of the options would have been fine.

Some decisions deserve lots of deliberation. But other times, just decide.

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

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