Cut one thing

I read about a family that used an interesting strategy to get through a particularly difficult time; they sacrificed one thing a week. So one week - no laundry. Another week - no home-cooked meals. Another week - no bill-paying. It was a good temporary solution. By dropping one ball each week they were able to keep the rest of the balls in the air.

Our family has employed this approach from time to time, by making a conscious choice to cut one thing for a little while (or a long time) to help us have enough time, space or money for all the other things that were important.

Too busy? Cut one activity out of your schedule.

Want to lose weight? Cut one food or beverage out of your diet.

Need to save a little more money? Cut one expense out of your budget.

Too hooked on your phone? Cut out one app by deleting it.

Want to improve your mental health? Cut one unhealthy behavior.

Need more space in your closet? Cut one item a day by adding it to a donation pile.

The idea of simplifying our schedules and lives is often appealing but also overwhelming. Just cutting one thing can help. Some of your cuts will be temporary; others will be long-term and will lead to more cuts. Some cuts will feel great; some will not and you might add those things back. That's why you start small.

Cut one thing.

Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash

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