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I had a Facebook conundrum. I’d have a quick minute to de-stress, so I’d click on the Facebook app, and start scrolling. But I was still pretty pressed for time, so I wouldn’t “like” or comment on this friend’s post or that cousin’s photo, but then I’d see something I really wanted to like or comment on, yet I didn’t want the first friend to be upset that I liked the second person’s post but not her post (as if anyone is paying such close attention to what I’m doing!) and the next thing I knew, I was more stressed than I was when I first logged on. There have been times I’ve solved this dilemma by just deleting the Facebook app, but that’s not a great long-term solution, because it is nice to see what friends and family are up to.

Recently I decided to solve this problem another way, by creating a Facebook policy. My policy is simple: I only get on Facebook when I have time to engage.

This policy has made life simpler. Several times in the last week or so, I’ve been about to click on the app but I stop myself, repeating, “I only get on Facebook when I have time to engage.” And then I move on with my day. The few times I do log onto Facebook, I’m more purposeful in the time I spend there.

Indeed, policies make life easier in a lot of ways. Here are some of my other policies:

  • I get off tech by 9:30. (I had to go public with this one for added accountability.)

  • I pitch sweets that aren’t awesome. (If that donut isn’t terrific, is it really worth the calories?)

  • I buy soft pretzels after church the first Sunday of the month. (This means no debate with the kids the other three weekends of the month.)

  • I stop for kids’ lemonade stands. (This is probably my favorite policy.)

Although some policies make life more difficult, I’ve found many personal policies make life easier because they take away the burden of having to make so many decisions. Decide - once - on what your policy is for certain situations, and then you’re all set.

What policies can you create to make your life easier?

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