Comfort yourself

I should have written my blog post. I should have worked on my newsletter. I should have meditated. I should have worked on my upcoming speech. I should have written my magazine article or reached out to the other writers I needed to connect with.

I should have done a lot of things yesterday morning.

I did none of those. Instead I did what I wanted to do. I lost myself in a book that has me transfixed - The Persistence of Vision.

It was beautiful to just abdicate responsibility, ignore the to-do list, and stop shoulding on myself for an hour or so. And not surprisingly, taking time for myself put me in a better frame of mind to tackle the rest of the day's challenges. I went off to work with a smile instead of being burdened.

In this morning's meditation, the emphasis was on hygge, a ritual where one can find enjoyment and comfort in life's simple pleasures. And it dawned on me -- what I needed yesterday was comfort. I've been extremely busy and pretty stressed for the past few weeks, and it felt great to just spend a little time doing something that didn't require anything of me, something that was just for my own enjoyment.

So yes, this morning I meditated. I'm writing my blog post. I'll get to my newsletter next. I have time set aside to work on my speech. And I'll do so with more happiness and light because I took time for me yesterday. I look forward to doing so again soon.

How do you provide comfort to yourself?

Photo by Alice Hampson on Unsplash

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