Choose your hashtag

It took me a while to get on the hashtag bandwagon. For ages, they just seemed dumb, mostly because I didn't understand them. But in spite of my original hashtag skepticism, I've started to embrace them. On Instagram, I'm focusing only on things that make me happy. Being on the lookout for items to tag with #happinessis has helped me focus on the positive. 

My favorite hashtag is #everythingscomingupmyers. (For those who don't speak hashtag fluently, that translates into "Everything's coming up Myers." Nice, right?) But I don't use it on social media. I use it in real life - either saying it out loud or in text conversations with my husband.

A string of green lights? #everythingscomingupmyers

A sale on the exact items we need to purchase for the party? #everythingscomingupmyers

An invite to a friend's house for my daughter? #everythingscomingupmyers

A big cardboard box for my son to play in? #everythingscomingupmyers

A great photograph? #everythingscomingupmyers

A bonus or new client? #everythingscomingupmyers

Another speech opportunity? #everythingscomingupmyers

You see, when you start to believe things are going your way, you find proof of that everywhere. Of course, when you believe #lifesucks, you'll find proof of that everywhere too. 

So choose your hashtag wisely. Then live it. 

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