Choose the bigger life

For the past 8 years, becoming a speaker has been my dream. I love teaching and inspiring audiences of all sizes. It is my very favorite thing to do. It gives me a high like no other to make people laugh, share and think. I've started a side business to create more opportunities for myself to be the one with the microphone at the front of the room.  I have been working on getting myself in front of new audiences and my message out to more people.

And yet the first words out of my mouth when I was offered an opportunity to host a community game show at our local theater? 

"Nope. No way. That's a big job. Too much could go wrong. And no one knows me. You'll need to find someone else." And I started suggesting other names.

What?! How could someone who loves encouraging people and making people laugh turn down the opportunity to encourage people and make people laugh? How could a woman who wants to become more well-known in her community say no to the chance to be on stage in her community? 

Fear and doubt had gotten the better of me in that one moment. I felt unworthy of the opportunity. I wasn't sure I was the best person for the job. And I worried about the time commitment it would take.

But as the day went on, I started to wonder if I made the right decision. I thought of my favorite Marianne Williamson quote: "Your playing small does not serve the world."  And I thought of my personal commandment "Choose the bigger life," inspired by Gretchen Rubin.

And I went back the next day and said yes.

I haven't regretted the decision one moment since. Sure, it was a big commitment. Yes, it felt uncomfortable at times. And there are certainly people who would have done better. 

But there is something amazingly rewarding about feeling discomfort and doing it anyway. Maybe it's time to put yourself out there, spin the wheel, and say yes to a bigger life. 

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