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Are you a fan of ballpoint pens? Do you love egg rolls? How about iced tea? Herbs and spices? Or the summer treat known as a black cow, which sounds a lot like a root beer float? If you said yes to any of these, you're in luck because as this post goes live on June 10th, it's National Ballpoint Pen Day, National Egg Roll Day, National Iced Tea Day, National Herbs and Spices Day, and National Black Cow Day. Let the party begin!

Life is more fun when you find more reasons to celebrate. Before you roll your eyes too much, hear me out. If you enjoy one of the items I mentioned in the opening paragraph, did reading about its special day make you smile a little bit? Did you start thinking maybe you would take a few extra minutes to brew some iced tea today or to make a point of using a ballpoint pen? (If not, perhaps you'll enjoy tomorrow more - it's National Corn on the Cob Day, National Making Life Beautiful Day, National Call Your Doctor Day, and National German Chocolate Cake Day. A dinner of corn on the cob and German chocolate cake sounds good to me!)

Life is hard and sometimes one day slides into the next without much to distinguish it. If we wait for the big holidays or vacations to be happy, we're going to be waiting for a while. Why not find more reasons to celebrate? I've found that even just noting what "day" it is a few times a week has helped keep life interesting. It adds a structure and focus to the day; sometimes it helps determine a meal or activity. It can provide something to look forward to. It helps you enjoy the little things. I started paying attention to all this in February, and it helped me fight the winter blues. Even laughing about what feels like a silly holiday can spark joy. Wishing someone else "Happy National Pop Goes the Weasel Day" (June 14, in case you're wondering) can bring you and that other person a smile.

Want to add more celebrations to your life? Check out these sources:

Every day we wake up on this earth is a gift. Celebrate the day.

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