Be kind to your future self


Since hearing about the concept of doing something kind for future you on a recent episode of Happier, one of my favorite podcasts, I’ve been mildly obsessed.

Here’s the way the concept is described on Wil Wheaton’s blog: “Whenever you can, do something kind for Future You. Future You is someone you love and care about. Future You is someone who you want to be happy, and you have endless opportunities to make that happen.” On the podcast episode referencing this blog, Gretchen Rubin mentioned this strategy is particularly valuable for Obligers, people who typically meet external expectations but not always internal expectations.

Although I’m not an Obliger, this future self concept has been very meaningful to me as well. Here are small ways I’ve been kind to my future self:

  • Loading the dishwasher in the evening so my future self doesn’t come down the steps to a messy counter the next morning.

  • Choosing the healthier entree over the fried seafood platter that was tempting me. (You’re welcome, future stomach!)

  • Setting aside my workout clothes right next to my bed to decrease the amount of activation energy it takes to get myself to the fitness center 3 days a week.

  • Making my bed every morning so I feel calm and together when I get home, no matter how crazy the day has been.

  • Doing something right the first time, even if it takes a little longer, because then I won’t have to do it again.

  • Getting to bed on time so I can get up more easily the next morning.

“Be kind to your future self” has been repeated many times by several members of the Myers family. What positive changes could you make in your life if you set out to be kind to your future self?

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