Acknowledge your feelings

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This summer has been a bit of a butt-kicker in the Myers house. A week or two after my daughter was sick with a virus that brought with it a week-long fever that cancelled all sort of plans while my son was being treated for strep throat, my husband came down with both strep and bronchitis. Seriously. Till we got the right diagnosis and antibiotics, he had a fever of 101-105 degrees for 7 days straight. At the very busiest time for me at work. While I was still recovering from feeling helpless for my two sick kids. To say I was feeling stressed is an understatement. In fact, I had a whole lot of feelings, and remembering research I read once that just identifying your feelings can help you deal with a stressful situation, I decided to write them all down. Here is the exact list I wrote on Day #7 of Mike's fever/coughing/upset stomach:

  • Worried about his health and that it could get even worse before it gets better

  • Anxious about potential doctor bills

  • Frustrated things aren't going according to plan

  • Guilty I'm working instead of being home

  • Unappreciated and put-upon

  • Hopeful this will all turn around any minute

  • Resentful about the extra responsibility

  • Grateful for the support we have

  • Empathetic toward those dealing with far bigger challenges

  • Proud I'm still taking care of myself and needs

  • Angry there has been so much sickness this summer

  • Happy we don't deal with this more often

  • Exhausted due to constantly interrupted sleep

Funny, it didn't dawn on me till later that I should probably also feel concerned that I might get sick too. But here's the thing: after I wrote the list, I felt a bit better. I didn't need to vent to everyone I saw about how crummy our situation was, or try to focus on all the positives. I was honest with myself. In writing. And that was enough.

How are you feeling? Do you know? Might be a good idea to get it out on paper.

Photo by Nino Liverani on Unsplash

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