Learn how to increase and maintain your happiness all year long. We will share lots of research, strategies, snacks and laughs guaranteed to help you beat the winter doldrums.

"In the Happiness Hour program, Christin provided us with happiness research and positivity strategies to help in our daily lives.  Her enthusiasm makes you feel inspired and capable of achieving your goal to live a happier and healthier life." ~ Holly Wood

"I enjoyed myself and learned lots about myself and also how other people think!" ~ Bobbie Eddinger

"The time was well-spent, engaging, insightful and useful." ~ Anonymous

"Christin radiates positivity. I feel I have learned how to smile through the ups and downs of life." ~ Shannon Anthony

"Highly motivating, inspirational and from the heart." ~ Kathy Babb


"Relaxing atmosphere to learn more about yourself and improve your well-being." ~ Kathy Seidel

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