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When I was a college freshman, a simple reading assignment could take hours. I would read a little, chat a little, read a little, eat a little, and so on. But my sophomore year, when I had added in a paid position, additional volunteering, and more credits, I was much more focused. For the most part...

"Money can't buy happiness." I've heard it. I've said it. I believe it. 

But money can make life a bit easier. There's the big stuff, of course: life is far less stressful when our basic needs of food and shelter are met. And money invested on other large expenses can create ease - a car for each dri...

The traffic came to a complete stop. I had been making good time on the way to my son's baseball game after work. And then all of a sudden I wasn't. The standstill was on a stretch of Route 100 with no cell service, so I couldn't check Google Maps to see how long the backup was or the delay would be...

"I have written more in the past few weeks than I have since I graduated college with my creative writing degree 11 years ago," my friend told me last week. "I'm up to 41 pages so far."

This friend commutes an hour each way, is a loving father and husband who prioritizes his daughter and his wife (wh...

As our meeting wrapped up, I volunteered to send a recap to everyone, particularly for the benefit of the committee member who wasn't able to attend. I walked out to my car, put the key in the ignition to head home, and then stopped myself. "Wait, I just committed to sending a recap. Why don't I do...

I spend a lot of time trying to convince others not to argue with reality, because it's a fight they'll never win. I've repeatedly urged my kids to "go with the flow" so they won't be disappointed. Yet I find myself getting frustrated when things turn out differently than I requested, hoped or expec...

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"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined."

    - Henry David Thoreau