Not sure if Happiness Hour is for you? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions.​

Q: What is Happiness Hour all about? 

A: In a group that ranges from 5-12 participants, we focus on making choices that lead to a happier life. Christin shares research on happiness and positivity. Participants practice strategies and talk about their own experiences. We eat yummy snacks and learn and laugh together.

Q: What type of lessons will I learn?

A: When asked about the most important lessons they learned, participants answered as follows: "How to deal with difficult situations in a positive way," "Be open to a new thought or way to process," "Starting the day being more positive," "We all struggle with being happy at times," "Always keep things in perspective," Strategies to not let bad situations get the best of me,"  and "Things will get better."

Q: Will I have to share a lot of personal stuff?

A: Nope. The program works best when people participate but you don't need to share anything you don't want to. Some people ask questions and share their stories throughout the program; others say little more than their names. Either approach is just fine. 

Q: Who is it for?

A: All adults are invited. Many people come by themselves, others bring a friend or a spouse or a mother or a daughter.  We've had single twenty-somethings and married seventy-somethings. We've welcomed those who are naturally optimistic and those who typically see the glass as half empty. We all learn together.

Q: With all the problems in the world, isn't it selfish to focus on my own happiness?

A: Research shows happier people are healthier and are better problem-solvers, are more energetic and more successful. You owe it to the world - and most importantly, to the people you love - to increase your own happiness.

Q: Do I have to come every week?

A: While attending all four sessions will put the most tools in your happiness toolbox, even one week will have a positive impact. Come as your schedule allows, or come once just to see what it's all about. There's a different mix and number of people each week. 

Q: I can't attend on Tuesday nights, but I'd like to learn the lessons that are being taught. How can I do that?

A: Positivity is a big focus of Christin's Pep Talk Blog, so that's a great place to start. You can also contact Christin to bring Happiness Hour or a program on The Power of Positivity to your organization. 

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