Accept the compliment     Link     PDF

Address your stress     Link     PDF

Align your expectations     Link     PDF

Apologize sincerely     Link     PDF

Ask for a do-over     Link     PDF

Ask for a pep talk     Link     PDF

Ask for advice     Link     PDF

Ask the question     Link     PDF

Assess your stuff     Link     PDF

Assume positive intent     Link     PDF

Automate the mundane     Link     PDF

Begin again     Link     PDF

Be clear about what you want     Link     PDF

Be kind to your future self     Link     PDF

Be intentional     Link     PDF

Be the light     Link     PDF

Begin     Link     PDF

Break it down     Link     PDF

Build in transition time     Link     PDF

Capitalize on found time     Link     PDF

Catch yourself     Link     PDF

Celebrate what's working     Link     PDF

Change it up     Link     PDF

Change your language     Link     PDF

Change your settings     Link     PDF

Check two boxes     Link     PDF

Cherish the ordinary     Link     PDF

Choose happiness     Link     PDF

Choose the bigger life     Link     PDF

Choose your hashtag     Link     PDF

Commit     Link     PDF

Compartmentalize     Link     PDF

Commit acts of kindness     Link     PDF

Consider the impact     Link     PDF

Create a checklist     Link     PDF

Create a policy     Link     PDF

Create a timeline     Link     PDF

Create accountability     Link     PDF

Create an alternate narrative     Link     PDF

Cut yourself some slack     Link     PDF

Decide when     Link     PDF

Decide     Link     PDF

Delegate     Link     PDF

Detach from the outcome     Link     PDF

Develop a coping strategy     Link     PDF

Do it now     Link     PDF

Do one thing at a time     Link     PDF

Do the right thing     Link     PDF

Do what you can     Link     PDF

Eat your frog     Link     PDF

Embrace     Link     PDF

Enjoy the process     Link     PDF

Face it     Link     PDF

Find the theme     Link     PDF

Finish     Link     PDF

Focus on the goal     Link     PDF

Focus on the known     Link     PDF

Gain a fresh perspective     Link     PDF

Get away     Link     PDF

Get back to basics     Link     PDF

Get over yourself     Link     PDF

Get the facts     Link     PDF

Give specific compliments     Link     PDF

Give the gift of feedback     Link     PDF

Give them grace     Link     PDF

Go with the flow     Link     PDF

Follow the directions     Link     PDF

Have fun first     Link     PDF

Identify a positive counterfact     Link     PDF

Identify the next action     Link     PDF

Identify your personal commandments     Link     PDF

Improve your bedside manner     Link     PDF

Improve your questions     Link     PDF

Institute a complaint box     Link     PDF

Invest in ease     Link     PDF

Join in     Link     PDF

Keep a smile file     Link     PDF

Keep it to yourself     Link     PDF

Know the signs     Link     PDF

Know yourself     Link     PDF

Lean into discomfort     Link     PDF

Learn the lesson     Link     PDF

Learn the shortcuts     Link     PDF

Let go of expectations     Link     PDF

Let it go     Link     PDF

Let time pass     Link     PDF

Let your freak flag fly     Link     PDF

Look forward     Link     PDF

Look in the mirror     Link     PDF

Look up     Link     PDF

Maintain momentum     Link     PDF

Make a backup plan     Link     PDF

Make a plan     Link     PDF

Make a sudden switch     Link     PDF

Make a tiny upgrade     Link     PDF

Make it a great day     Link     PDF

Make the most of it     Link     PDF

Make your own weather     Link     PDF

Mark a happy milestone     Link     PDF

Minimize temptation     Link     PDF

Modify your diet     Link     PDF

Notice the beauty     Link     PDF

Organize     Link     PDF

Pack your patience     Link     PDF

Practice what you preach     Link     PDF

Predict the predictable     Link     PDF

Prepare for the worst     Link     PDF

Press the easy button     Link     PDF

Quit it     Link     PDF

Recall past successes     Link     PDF

Receive the feedback     Link     PDF

Recognize the choice     Link     PDF

Reconsider your position     Link     PDF

Reflect     Link     PDF

Reframe the experience     Link     PDF

Release your brain     Link     PDF

Request feedback     Link     PDF

Review the game film     Link     PDF

Revisit an old hobby     Link     PDF

Say no     Link     PDF

Say thanks     Link     PDF

Say yes     Link     PDF

Schedule time to worry     Link     PDF

Select your word     Link     PDF

Set yourself up for success     Link     PDF

Shift to gratitude     Link     PDF

Skip the outrage     Link     PDF

Slow down     Link     PDF

Spend time purposefully     Link     PDF

Stand firm     Link     PDF

Stay in the moment     Link     PDF

Stop talking about yourself     Link     PDF

Stop the judging     Link     PDF

Strike while the iron's hot     Link     PDF

Take a deep breath     Link     PDF

Take note     Link     PDF

Talk to yourself     Link     PDF

Time yourself     Link     PDF

Trust your gut     Link     PDF

Unplug     Link     PDF 

Unsubscribe     Link     PDF

Use the good stuff     Link     PDF

Write your obituary     Link     PDF

Write your personal credo     Link     PDF

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